Remarketing Tools You Need To Be Using

By | September 1, 2017

Remarketing Tools You Need To Be Using

What exactly is remarketing? Remarketing gives you a chance to reach your customers who have visited your website but left without buying. Customers who have visited your website will be tagged with a special cookie allowing you to advertise to them online using banner ads. This just means you get another chance to convince them into buying from you!

Using YouTube

One of the most popular form of remarketing today is through YouTube. Studies show that a viewer watches at least 5 hours of video content on average every month. Before majority of the videos on YouTube start there will be an ad which viewers have an option of watching or skipping and go straight to the video they clicked on. Also, you only pay if people watch at least 30 seconds or more of your ad. If a viewer skips the ad then you do not have to pay for it. YouTube also separates their viewers into demographics based on what they watch on a daily basis. This will allow YouTube to know who you show your ads to.

Email Remarketing

The main purpose of email remarketing is to target the customers who have visited your site and browsed but left without buying anything the first time. It would be much easier if customers were to sign up for newsletters however most customers do not like signing up as they are afraid of being bombarded by unwanted emails as they probably do already. In this situation, companies should give its potential customers incentives to encourage them to sign up. Everybody loves free stuff! There are so many incentives you can offer to your customers, a couple examples would be to give first time customers a discount on their first purchase using a special code after they provide their email or even something as simple as free shipping.

Another way of encouraging customers to sign up is to make the process of it easier. Keep the signing up process as short and sweet as possible, keeping the information needed at a minimal.

“Stalking” your Potential Customer

How this works is that as soon as you enter a web page a cookie is automatically placed onto your browser and companies can show you their ads wherever you go. I know this sounds a little bit creepy but it is a good tool to have as it is a constant reminder of your presence toward your customers. Use this tool to promote upcoming promotions, offer special discount codes or even reminding your customers of items they were once browsing in your store.

This blog post by InstanteStore tells you how you can use a remarketing tool to boost sales!

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